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the other morning was so cold but so pretty

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Found this the other day while camping. It’s like nature painted on a leaf.
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I love shopping!

why are people reblogging the short vine version when this exists


A sun flower, the autumn fairies created rainbows of light across the forest floor.
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These awesomely surreal and delightful collages are the work of Eugenia Loli, a California-based collage artist who uses images scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre and playful scenes. From a little girl creating our solar system by blowing bubbles to meat loaf that contains galaxies, children riding giant tortoises and planes that drop candy instead of bombs, these pieces reveal Loli’s love of science fiction and unabashed geekiness and we’re completely smitten.

For more of her wonderfully weird collages, follow Loli right here on Tumblr at eugenialoli. Prints of some of her collages are available here. She also offers many of her pieces as downloadable files under the Creative Commons license via her Flickr account.

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I was born an artist, I will live as a creation and I will die as a fucking masterpiece
(My thoughts at 2:02 AM)

Canvas  by  andbamnan